Webinar: Connecting Learners and Employers With Digital Badges

Join Portfolium, Badgr, and Indiana University Bloomington in this Recorded Webinar

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This one hour webinar features Wayne Skipper, CEO at Concentric Sky, alongside Daniel T. Hickey, Professor of Learning Sciences at Indiana University Bloomington, and Jim Milton, VP of Product and Strategy at Portfolium. During this webinar, we discuss how the synergy between open badges and ePortfolios is advancing the way institutions create and assess evidence based learning programs that help students communicate their competencies to future employers.

In this one hour webinar you’ll learn how:

  • Students can put verifiable credentials, via badges, directly into an ePortfolio as evidence of their work
  • The effective communication about competencies and evidence of competencies among educators, learners, and employers will help connect learners with employers
  • Employers and hiring managers can view and engage with a student’s verifiable credentials and competencies in an ePortfolio
  • The Portfolium and Badgr integration works for learners, educators and employers
  • Learning pathways will help learners share their progress as an item in their portfolio in the future


Wayne Skipper
Concentric Sky

Daniel T. Hickey
Professor of Learning Sciences
Indiana University Bloomington

Jim Milton
VP Product Strategy & Marketing

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