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September 13, 2017

How to Write the Best Job Application of Your Life

Search. Apply. Wait. Repeat

One of the worst feelings is being trapped in the job application cycle: find a promising opportunity, spend time editing your resume and cover letter, send it out with high expectations, play the waiting game while you await a response, repeat. This monotonous exercise gets extremely old, extremely quickly. Wouldn't it be nice if you could apply to a job with some degree of certainty? If this sounds anything like you, we have an exciting opportunity for you!

A Speaker We All Can Learn From

Introducing Danny Rubin, a proud millennial and author/speaker on business communication skills, and he's hosting a free webinar in partnership with Portfolium. Danny assists countless people in landing interviews and jobs at competitive companies like GM, Converse, Pandora, The Chicago Cubs, and Sealy. Currently, he is a contributor at as a go-to expert on business writing and has had his strategies utilized by top schools, such as the University of Virginia. This instructive event will cover every major part of the job application process and how to enhance your Portfolium profile to help your chances when applying for a dream job.

What Can You Expect?

This webinar will be the perfect way for college students, recent grads, prospective interns, and anyone who needs a job ASAP! One of the reasons why this presentation is so useful for job-seekers is because it demonstrates multiple techniques to up your application game. For example, we can tell you that Danny will help you reconstruct your resume, transform your cover letter, prepare for the interview itself, and strengthen your Portfolium profile to better display relevant works. Furthermore, after you sign up you will receive Danny's job application workbook, for FREE! Testimonials by people who have participated in the webinar are glowingly positive about how Danny helped them in their pursuit of a new job.  For instance, Jasmine from Maryland said, "After Danny helped me improve my resume and cover letter, I was contacted by three employers and ultimately received job offers from two of them!" Don't miss out on your chance to improve your application game, sign up for Danny's webinar today!


Reserve My Seat

Further Danny Rubin Products

For the week of September 11, 2017, Danny will be offering a special discount on his Job Application Masterclass, a complete online course offering 22 videos plus worksheets and templates. The regular price of the Masterclass is $497, but for this week only, you can have the course of $127 or $29/month. That's a saving of at least $350! And yes, it means you can have lifetime access for $29 right now. 

Share in the comments techniques you use when applying for jobs!

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