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June 29, 2018

Virginia Tech Links Digital Badges to Learning Pathways with Portfolium

Virginia Tech to map guided learning pathways while certifying skills and competencies with portfolium’s groundbreaking BadgeLink technology.


Virginia Tech has expanded its adoption of Portfolium’s Student Success platform in order to help students navigate intentional learning pathways that lead to the development and certification of skills and competencies. By linking authentic assessment results to microcredentials, aka “digital badges,” students will graduate with certified skills not explicitly demonstrated by a diploma or transcript.


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“We chose to add BadgeLink on to our existing Portfolium access because I believe this will help us to meet campuswide badging needs while piloting some authentic assessment projects. I look forward to seeing how we can innovate with this new tool,” said Stefanie Metko, Director Teacher & Learning Engagement at Virginia Tech.


“We are rooting for the success of Virginia Tech students who will be learning, earning, and cashing in skills for career opportunity on Portfolium! This is an exciting time for everyone involved in the Student Success movement. We are finally building bridges between curriculum, completion and career,” said Jim Milton, VP Strategy at Portfolium.



Portfolium is the world’s fastest growing Student Success Network. 3,600+ colleges, universities and high schools use Portfolium to manage and align competency assessment, student success, and career readiness programs. Portfolium’s academic solutions plug students into an open ecosystem of employers, mentors, educators, and peers around the world. Our 4M+ users are linked to internships, jobs, and lifelong learning opportunities via ePortfolios that showcase their proven competencies. To learn more about Portfolium's network for learners and solutions for educators, visit: https://portfolium.com


Virginia Tech pushes the boundaries of knowledge by taking a hands-on, transdisciplinary approach to preparing students to be leaders and problem-solvers. As the commonwealth’s most comprehensive university and its leading research institution, Virginia Tech offers about 280 undergraduate and graduate degree programs to more than 34,000 students and manages a research portfolio of more than $521 million. The university fulfills its role as a land-grant by fostering a collaborative environment that integrates technology into all disciplines, so that the Virginia Tech community can serve as a force for positive change around the commonwealth, the country, and the world. Through experiential learning, future-focused research, and an inclusive, spirited culture, Virginia Tech strives to accomplish the charge of its motto Ut Prosim (That I May Serve).


Leverages ePortfolios to Drive Learning Success with Virginia Tech

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