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June 20, 2017

Using ePortfolios and Canvas

Several tools exist to help students and educators create and sustain a competency-based education environment, not the least of which are Canvas and ePortfolios. As a powerful learning management system, Canvas is designed as a platform focused on the needs of educators today, with simple to use software, adaptable configuration, and countless reliable features that are a breeze to implement. Portfolium works as an ePortfolio platform with a social network component which affords an opportunity for students to showcase evidence-based work samples and learned skills in a streamlined way.

The partnership between Canvas and ePortfolio platforms gives educators a method to deliver and assess instruction now while encouraging connection among students in a way that is useful long after graduation. Here’s how using ePortfolios bridges the gap the between coursework and gainful employment through the Canvas platform.

The Benefits of ePortfolios in Canvas

The integration of ePortfolios like Portfolium within the Canvas LMS serves multiple purposes for educators, starting with the ease of submitting work. The Portfolium app in the LMS gives students the ability to submit completed assignments already found in the system. It only takes a quick copy and paste of the assignment’s link, and the activity is added to the Canvas gallery in the appropriate class module. The same can be done with other tools, like video apps and presentation platforms, and each includes a timestamp to help verify the work. Educators can review the submitted work with a simple click.

In addition to the streamlined assignment submission process, using ePortfolios within Canvas gives educators the chance to easily view and search for students’ work based on their portfolio entries. Students can look at previous assignments and successful projects for specific courses that are embedded in the platform from Portfolium with just as much ease. These features that work seamlessly between Portfolium and Canvas create a landscape where students can evaluate how they are performing compared to their peers, and educators can see how well learning pathways are being followed.


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Because Portfolium is a social network as well as an ePortfolio platform, its integration with Canvas proves most powerful long after graduation. The interactive components of the digital portfolio platform, like a newsfeed and suggestion feed, the ability to connect with other students and prospective employers, and opening a dialogue with educators makes using the Portfolium app within Canvas a fun, engaging experience. And educators can view these components on their Canvas dashboard quickly and easily. Combine this functionality with the easy, evidence-based showcasing of competencies, skills, and professional, academic, and personal accomplishments and educators have a robust tool that helps close the gap between education and employment.


Redefining Your ePortfolio Strategy with Tarleton State


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