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February 20, 2018

UGA Career Readiness Challenge

UGA invites ALL students to participate in the “UGA Career Readiness Challenge” starting Monday, February 26th and ending on Sunday, April 22nd. Your college experience is helping you develop the skills needed for your future career. This contest is an opportunity for you to learn more about these skills AND show them off by participating!

Each Monday, for 8 weeks, we will announce and define a new career readiness skill on Instagram. You can find us at our handle, @UGACareerCenter. We will announce the top career readiness skills employers and graduate schools look for in candidates over the course of this 8-week challenge: Teamwork, Adaptability, Global Fluency, Professionalism, Digital Technology, Problem Solving, Oral/Written Communication and Leadership. In order to participate, submit your best, most relevant project each week.


We will select 8 winners, 1 winner for each week of the Challenge. Weekly winners will receive a Career Center t-shirt and be entered to win our Grand Prize: Wireless Beats by Dre!


A winning project will clearly demonstrate the skill being showcased and include a thoughtful reflection. As you decide what project to submit, consider the following questions: How impressed would a potential employer or graduate school be when reviewing your entry? Could a complete stranger view your entry and be able to fully recognize your accomplishment?


Prior to entering the challenge, you will need to have projects to submit! If you haven’t already, go ahead and begin populating your Portfolium account with your work samples (Log-in to your account using your UGA Email at https://uga.portfolium.com/). Your work samples are important because they provide proof of your skill development. Each week, you will have from Monday at 8:00AM until the following Sunday at 11:59PM to upload your work and enter the Challenge! Be sure the project you choose represents the specific skill-of-the-week.


Career Center Tips for Getting Started:
1. Need ideas? You can view projects others have created by searching the skill-of-the-week within the “Discover” tab
2. As you decide which of your experiences or accomplishments best represents the skill-of-the-week, consider ALL of the following: jobs or other work experiences, volunteerism, internships, class projects, service learning projects, certifications, honors, awards, etc.
3. For support in navigating Portfolium and creating a robust project, view our support video: UGA/Portfolium Student Training

Steps to Enter the Challenge:

1. On the Challenge page, click “Join the Challenge”
2. Select the project that best represents the skill-of-the-week
3. Click “Enter”
4. Once your project is submitted and approved, it will be displayed in “All Projects” below
5. Next, like and comment on your classmates’ entries to show your support
6. Check your UGA email to see if you are the winner of the week!


Good luck!

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