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June 26, 2018

St. Mary's College of Maryland Partners With Portfolium to Issue Employer-Discoverable Badges

Portfolium will provide a platform for automatically issuing digital badges and depositing them into lifelong ePortfolios to over 1,500 St. Mary’s students and faculty. Portfolium’s badging system is unique in that it automates the badging process and connects students’ badges to a network of employers.


Specific use cases for Portfolium’s Student Success Network at St. Mary’s include: 

  • Support management of career and leadership development plans for students enrolled in St. Mary’s career exploration course;
  • Manage badges aligned with NACE career readiness competencies and beyond;
  • Enabling students to quantify the value of their co-curricular experiences;

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In addition to its ability to meet a mix of functional requirements, Portfolium was chosen for its track record of speedy and successful implementations. St. Mary’s goal is to have all staff fully trained, student accounts established with LDAP and the system fully configured before August.


“St. Mary's College of Maryland is reinventing career readiness within the liberal arts, Portfolium will manage career and leadership development plans and allow for a highly individualized student experience,” said Kate Shirey, Director of Career Development at St. Mary’s Maryland.


“While pundits question the value of a liberal arts degree, nimble innovative institutions like St. Mary’s continue to lead the way in supporting and accounting for the career readiness of students” said Troy Markowitz, Vice President of Partnerships at Portfolium.


Portfolium is the world’s fastest growing learning and career development network. 2,500+ colleges, universities and high schools use Portfolium to manage and align competency assessment, student success, and career readiness programs. Portfolium’s academic solutions plug students into an open ecosystem of employers, mentors, educators, and peers around the world. Our 4M+ users are linked to internships, jobs, and lifelong learning opportunities via ePortfolios that showcase their proven competencies. To learn more about Portfolium's network for learners and solutions for educators, visit: https://portfolium.com


As Maryland’s public honors college, St. Mary’s offers an undergraduate liberal arts education and small-college experience like those found at exceptional private colleges. St. Mary’s shares the hallmarks of private institutions: an outstanding faculty, talented students, high academic standards, a challenging curriculum, small classes, a sense of community, and a spirit of intellectual inquiry. But as a state institution of higher education, St. Mary’s is also committed to the ideals of affordability, accessibility, and diversity. By combining these virtues of public and private education, St. Mary’s provides a unique alternative for students and their families. St. Mary’s is named for the place it marks: the 17th-century capital of Maryland. The spectacular waterfront setting is in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay region. The campus is 68 miles southeast of Washington, D.C. and 95 miles south of Baltimore.


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