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April 17, 2017

Rapid Fire with Marketo


In this week's Rapid Fire series, we’re talking with Allyson Gee--Events and Programs Producer at Marketo, a leader in digital marketing software and solutions headquartered in San Mateo, California. Allyson is passionate about green/sustainable events, promoting the beautiful city of San Francisco, building strong professional relationships, and sharing this passion with the people around her.

What's your role at Marketo, and what personal story can you share about a time when you first realized it is a special place to work? 

Events and Programs Producer. One of our company values is “One Team” and employees truly buy into this. We did a call out to the company last summer for a new mentorship program we were running in conjunction with our intern program. The number of employees willing to volunteer their time was overwhelming and we had to turn employees away! As a company we want the best for our interns and want to foster a community environment. This family atmosphere is a constant reminder of why Marketo is a special place to work.


What's the most interesting little-known fact about Marketo? 

Many people outside of Marketo think we’re a large SAAS machine, when in reality we have under 1000 employees. We continue to use that start-up mentality to drive our work and to innovate our products.

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How would a Marketo hiring manager define an "ideal" candidate? 

An ideal candidate is someone who is quick on their feet, willing to multitask in a collaborative environment. Be willing to ask smart questions and have an insatiable appetite to learn new skills. These points are true across the business.


To prepare for an interview, what kind of skills, knowledge, achievements or personal spirit/attitude should students demonstrate in their portfolios

That they are coachable, trainable, quick learners and showcasing their achievements the best that they can.


 What other advice would you offer to an aspiring intern or new grad seeking full-time employment at Marketo? 

Be prepared to speak to our product, the Engagement Platform, and the Marketing Nation. Be open to exploring new skills and joining departments outside of your comfort zone if it makes sense in your long-term career goals. During the interview process, don’t be shy, and ask the questions you feel passionate about.  We want to see your passion. Once you’ve joined us as an intern or new hire, work smart, ask meaningful questions, smile and listen to those around you. Then hang on and enjoy the ride!


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