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January 17, 2018

Purdue University Partners with Portfolium On Their Leadership Initiative

Portfolium has partnered with Purdue University to roll out the use of lifelong learning ePortfolios to its 40,000 students and 3,055 faculty members. Purdue chose Portfolium as their platform for students to track, share and reflect on their learning relative to their leadership and professional development for career readiness. Purdue’s Leadership and Professional Development Initiative (LPDI) tracks learning outcomes tied to a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities. Now, the students will be able to reflect on and display what they learned using Portfolium.

“We chose Portfolium because it had the most user friendly design and functionality towards career readiness,” said James R. Hintz, Director of Leadership and Professional Development Initiative at Purdue University, “along with its capability to connect with various other products our students use.”


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LPDI’s objective is to prepare students for career-oriented growth by translating experiences into better job placement and advancement opportunities. Portfolium’s unique assessment, ePortfolio, TalentMatch™ system and full integration with existing student resources (Blackboard, Simplicity, Passport) will create a digital ecosystem intuitive to every student and improve the way they reflect on their learning.


“It’s important that the student ePortfolio evolves from a legacy digital repository, to a more interactive network of students demonstrating their competencies derived from amazing programs such as Purdue’s LPDI,” said Troy Markowitz, VP Academic Partnerships at Portfolium. “Since the beginning, our ultimate goal at Portfolium has been to provide students with the ability to better connect their learning with career opportunity and we are more than proud to partner on that with Purdue University and excited that they selected Portfolium through their extensive RFP process.”


About Portfolium, Inc.

Launched in 2014, four million learners from 2,000 universities and 230 partner institutions rely on Portfolium to provide learners with an intuitive and visual means of managing and presenting projects and learned skill-sets. Rather than rely on the traditional process of conveying expertise and educational experience through bullet points, Portfolium’s cloud-hosted platform incorporates the digital collection of professional projects with the accessibility of social networks, adding a new dimension to the world of experiential assessment.

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