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November 02, 2017

Project Editor Update Helps Users Create Richer ePortfolios

Over the next few days, Portfolium users will wake up to a completely redesigned Project Editor built for a more intuitive experience and allowing users to upload richer projects and work samples. Students, educators, and professional users made it clear the user experience of the previous project editor left much to be desired. The Portfolium team listened and went back to the drawing board, completely recreating the editor from scratch with the student’s experience in mind.


What changed?

Aside from changing the name from “Entry” to the “Project Editor” to better align with terminology both students and employers would use, there are several changes. The most significant improvements to the editor include: the attachments tool consolidated into one step, a single page layout instead of three, and the project preview function allowing you to see what the project looks like before publishing.

  • Consolidated Attachments:  We used to have three different types of attachments (media/images, documents, and YouTube/web embeds).  We heard this created confusion about where and how to attach different asset types.  The new Project Editor combines all of these into one Attachment zone.
  • Single Page Layout:  Previously, you had to walk through a three-step wizard that broke up all the project details onto separate pages.  This caused usability issues and made it hard to understand what could be added/configured to/on a project.  We now have everything on one page where the user can see all the options, their progress, and the strength of the project.
  • Project Preview:  Instead of crossing your fingers and pushing publish without knowing what your project will look like live, you can now see a live preview. We added a new Preview feature that will allow students to see how their project will be presented before they publish their project. Now students can select which attachment they want displayed as the cover of the project and see exactly what that would look like.

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Portfolium Project Editor
Portfolium's New Project Editor


Why change?

You needed an improved ePortfolio tool that you could use to display all types of projects and experiences. The process of adding a project to your ePortfolio needed to be easier, intuitive, and quick. It also needed to allow for more types of attachments and ways to display your work. The feedback was clear and we think the new experience will meet the needs of students who want to display more of their work.


For example, your work likely lives in many different places and now it’s easier than ever to pull them into one place on Portfolium. If someone is using Medium or a blog to reflect on their experience, they can now include that as part of their project on Portfolium.


Why now?

We want to ensure that students have an improved experience before we get into the later parts of the fall term when assignment volumes spike.


Why is this important for students?

When students add more projects to their ePortfolio, it builds a richer view of their experience and competencies. These projects can then be shared with their personal network, the employer marketplace on Portfolium, and educators looking to assess the work sample.


A couple more changes that will be interesting to students include:

  • The ability to re-order attachments and the help provided throughout the process.
  • Contextual help through the project editor to guide users into successfully uploading fully optimized rich projects.

Why is this important for educators?

Educators will find that the new project editor provides a better view for them because of the multiple options for attaching links and a variety of document types. Their students can submit all sorts of attachments which can easily be viewed. This rich content experience gives educators more flexibility when creating assignments and the type of deliverables they request from students.

For additional help or information on the new Project Editor, please see the following resources:

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