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August 11, 2015

Portfolium Spotlight: Psychology Major Nairee B.

At Portfolium, nothing motivates us more than hearing about our users' success stories!

We recently talked to one of our top-performing Campus Founders, Nairee Bedikian. Nairee is a true Portfolium all-star! She has done an incredible job of showcasing all aspects of her life through her e-portfolio - from volunteer work to school projects - she's got it all!

Find out how, as a social science major, Nairee is using her Portfolium to find inspiration, record all of her projects, and impress employers!

Student Spotlight



    Who: Nairee Bedikian

    University: California State University - Northridge

    Major: Psychology


P: Tell me about yourself - interests, major, school, hobbies, dream job, etc.

N: I'll be starting my last year at Cal State University - Northridge this Fall, where I'm pursuing a bachelor's degree in Psychology. After graduating, I hope to go to graduate school to study either Industrial/Organizational or Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Psychopharmacological research. I like to read, be outdoors with my dog, and learn new cooking recipes to impress my boyfriend and family with in my spare time. My dream job is to either work for the Walt Disney Company, or lead my own research company one day (dream big, right?).

P: When did you make your Portfolium, and what motivated you to do so?

I made my Portfolium in the early summer of 2014, after seeing a Facebook ad on my newsfeed for a job opening at the Disneyland Resort. The page redirected me to Portfolium, prompting me to apply with my e-portfolio so that employers would see my showcased work. I immediately knew this was something different than your regular online job application service!

P: What types of entries do you display on your Portfolium?

N: Most of my entries now consist of projects I’ve done in my undergraduate classes at CSUN, volunteer work from high school and on, and the fun weekend stuff! I have entries from running a 5k, doing a “walk your dog” event, and even some certifications/awards I’ve received. I'm constantly motivated to find more aspects of my daily life to make Portfolium entries out of!

P: What’s your favorite part of Portfolium?

N: It’s hard to pin this down to just one thing! I love the detail of uploading posts, how the app is so millennial-friendly (as it draws similarities with Instagram), and the networking features that allow me to connect with students from my campus as well as other schools and to see all of the interesting things everyone is up to. Most of all, I  just love the concept of Portfolium, and to be able to visually showcase myself and my accomplishments on a site that is so welcoming, professional, and fun to use!

P: How has it contributed to your online presence?

N: I am now more aware of how I could be perceived online from the view of an employer, and can accommodate my posts and online persona to reflect the best version of myself so it's what employers see first. I am also more knowledgeable on how to market myself efficiently, through what I’ve learned from Portfolium.

P: Has it had an influence on your job search?

N: So often I find myself googling “interview tips,” “how to start networking,” and other similar topics. Luckily, Portfolium publishes blog posts on these topics on a regular basis, which gives me an upper-hand on pushing my professional development. Ever since I created my Portfolium, I've made sure to attach my URL to my resume before sending it to any potential employers (whether on paper or electronically via email). I have high hopes for applying to several graduate schools using my Portfolium, and hearing positive feedback on the projects I've showcased on it! 

P: How do you think Portfolium is helpful for social science majors?

N: Most social science majors are not able to complete large projects over the course of a class that mark the accumulation of skills learned (with a few exceptions). Rather, it is a study of learning concepts and applying them other to different areas of their daily lives. Psychology majors especially are able to gain certain certifications and learn new skills that would be impossible to write or describe on a resume. While my traditional resume simply says, “CSUN - B.A. Psychology," my Portfolium proves that I am trained in BCABA tactics (and that I was able to train my dog using them!) and that I conducted a small research study on personality types and social media usage. Portfolium showcases my projects and lets them speak for themselves! 

P: What advice would you give students who are in the process of creating their Portfolium? What’s the most effective way to use it?

N: To explore all of its features and to browse through other user's profiles (looking at other people's work can give you inspiration and ideas for your own posts). Most new users think they have nothing to showcase, but if you're a college student or a recent grad, you definitely do - we've all written papers and completed different projects for school. Also, stay professional, but don’t forget to have fun and be yourself! You never know which post a potential employer will stumble upon, which may lead to them hiring you over a candidate that only had a piece of paper to represent them and their accomplishments! 

A BIG thanks to Nairee for her time and invaluable advice! If you have any questions for Nairee, feel free to shoot her a message via Portfolium.

Have you ever used your Portfolium to land a job? We want to hear from you! Email to share your story!


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