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November 09, 2016

Penn Selects Portfolium to Enhance its Career Services’ Offerings to Students

In a further move forward into the digital era of career services, the University of Pennsylvania has entered into a relationship with Portfolium. More than 16,000 students enrolled at Penn now have access to the cloud-based, turn-key ePortfolio platform intended to improve the process of building and updating a resume. Instead of focusing on traditional engagement with employers and alumni, Portfolium offers university students and alumni a method not only to showcase their achievements in a visual way but also to provide the necessary platform for reflecting on their career readiness.

Penn selected Portfolium to enhance its career service offerings to students. The university has specific goals for its undergraduate and graduate students, including shifting the focus of career services toward relevant competencies and skills rather than majors and specific schools. The initiative with Portfolium allows Penn the unique opportunity to do just that, providing students a necessary e-tool designed to highlight a repository of unique projects, papers, and designs.

Patricia Rose, Director of Career Services at Penn, shares her excitement regarding the endeavor, stating, “[Portfolium] will be very useful, if only as a refresher as students write resumes, prepare for interviews, apply for fellowships or graduate schools.” Penn particularly appreciates the ease and simplicity of the Portfolium platform and its ability to seamlessly integrate with popular career service sites like LinkedIn.

Portfolium launched in 2014 with an explicit focus on improving the process and purpose of creating an online ePortfolio for students across a diverse set of backgrounds. The company sets itself apart by being more than a simple holding place for student work – the platform functions similar to a social media outlet, allowing comments, likes, and connections among employers, current students, and alumni. And for users, the ability to create, share, and update their online ePortfolio is free, forever.

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Penn is widely known for its long-standing history of excellence in higher education. A member of the Ivy League and one of the 14 founding members of the Association of American Universities, Penn serves a wide variety of students. The university is focused on expanding inclusion in all its programs, cultivating innovation across schools, and increasing the local, national and global impact its students have. The initiative with Portfolium represents a commitment to each of these themes, and the desire to assist students in showcasing their talents, well beyond what a conventional resume would portray.

ABOUT PENN: The University of Pennsylvania is a private, Ivy League university located in Philadelphia. Incorporated as The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania, Penn is one of 14 founding members of the Association of American Universities and one of the nine original colonial colleges.

ABOUT PORTFOLIUM: Portfolium partners with colleges & universities to help students connect learning with opportunity. Our ePortfolio network helps 5M+ students and alumni from over 190 partner institutions manage their skills and launch their careers. Portfolium's evidence-based approach empowers students with lifelong opportunities to capture, curate, and convert skills into job offers, while giving learning institutions and employers the tools they need to assess competencies and recruit talent.

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