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April 06, 2017

Modernizing Your Campus Career Fair Strategy

Careers fairs have been a staple in on-campus recruiting for decades. Countless employers set up shop in the hopes the perfect candidate will casually walk by the brochure-heavy table and immediately fall in love. Although career fairs have some merit in sourcing qualified prospective hires, the process ends up feeling a bit like speed dating at best. To make the most of your career fair efforts and stand out among other hungry employers, consider implementing a more modernized approach for your next career event.

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Avoid Looking – and Acting – the Same

For students and recent graduates, visiting a career fair on campus can feel more like a stampede than a beneficial career search experience. At well-advertised events, hundreds of individuals looking for their next gainful employer are herded from table to table, taking glossy pamphlets and business cards that may never again see the light of day. It’s overwhelming. Employers and their recruiting gurus can do themselves and qualified candidates a favor by making a solid attempt at standing out from the norm. Engage potential hires with small giveaways, a prize drawing, or an invitation to interview or acceptance of resumes on the spot. Your company will be remembered, which often leads to greater engagement from the right prospects after the career fair ends.

Put Technology on Your Side

More than colorful giveaways and detailed company information in print, recruiters can ramp up their career fair game by modernizing the process beforehand. Instead of hoping qualified students and recent grads make a b-line for your table and then are excited enough to stay and chat, source candidates before the event through Portfolium’s digital platform. You have the ability to find like-minded students and grads who have the skill sets you need on the job, and you can easily see the caliber of projects they have completed during their school or work careers thus far. Sending out an invitation to visit your booth sends a clear message that there is serious interest – from there, it is up to you to close the deal.


With the digital invitation through Portfolium, it's beneficial to include a fast pass that pushes your ideal candidate to the front of the line. With so many students and grads looking for work in a small space, there is likely to be a mass of people at your booth when the ideal hire walks by. A fast pass is the simplest way to make qualified candidates feel welcomed and important when it matters most.


Career fairs are still a great way to expand sourcing opportunities for current and future positions, but they won’t yield the results you want without a modern strategy in place. Before you start setting up your next career fair booth, take the time to find the candidates you want to get to know and invite them (with a fast pass) ahead of time to stop by.


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