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December 12, 2017

Meet John: VP of Architecture - Building a Better Portfolium One Line of Code at a Time

Welcome back to our latest blog series dedicated to getting to know the people at Portfolium. This Planet Portfolium interview will feature our VP of Architecture, John Eisberg. Strap in as we launch this rocket of information to Planet John, where we'll discover unknown info on the origins of his career here at Portfolium.

1) What do you do at Portfolium?
I'm the VP of Software Architecture here at Portfolium. I work with the team to make sure things work fast and smooth for some of our bigger systems. When not designing enterprise systems I work with our product team to help build out the future of Portfolium! ... and beat them all at HORSE at the mini-hoop court ...

2) Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is John's life like?
I'm originally from San Francisco and moved to San Diego from Miami a while ago ... so I'm a big fan of the ocean. I'm really into being outside and being out in the sun when I can. I live about a block from the beach at Windansea so I'm always waiting for the surf to come up ...


3) How did you get into engineering?
I originally studied Philosophy while in college and slowly started to move towards Mathematics when I discovered I was pretty good at it. I began using software to graph and solve some of the more challenging problems I was presented with - I used Java ... and this was back in the 90's - so it was a good thing to get into ... once I graduated I was pretty adept at the language and there was not a shortage of work.


4) What’s the best piece of advice you have received?
As a young developer, I worked with a great mentor and got to travel quite a bit with him building some expensive systems. I remember getting quite frustrated one night at a difficult launch. He calmly told me that being an engineer means to re-gather your patience and start again until you find a solution ... and there's no sense in getting frustrated. It really stuck with me and I try to apply it every day when something isn't working properly - or my jump-shot is off.


5) What’s your favorite thing about Portfolium as a company?
It is an absolute blast to work with these awesome Portfolium team members - they are all at the top of their designated fields - and I can't tell you how much I laugh during the day. We all work well together at finding solutions to the problems we face - and have a lot of fun getting things done. Most of the team can beat me at ping-pong now - so that's one thing I'm not crazy about.


6) Show us your best entry in your Portfolium! Why is it your best?
While on the outside I might appear to be quite hip; I am in fact ... quite a nerd. I still love mathematics and shared a great episode of Numbephile that I still check out quite a bit. I'd give you more of the details - but it's a video - so you can get up to speed in no time ... free your inner-geek.

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