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May 04, 2017

Meet Ashley: Crushing Campus-wide Implementations to Millions of Students


Welcome back to our latest blog series dedicated to getting to know the people at Portfolium (or Planet Portfolium). Our second interview will be with our Director of Implementations, Ashley Hyman. Strap on your space helmet while you find out how Ashley has combined careful planning, expert communication, and execution to successfully launch Portfolium to millions of students at hundreds of schools. 


Tell us a little bit about what you do at Portfolium.

I am the Director of Implementations, meaning, when a school signs a contract with Portfolium, I work closely with them to roll the tool out on their campus. I work with them to plan their launch, to set up or give trainings, to help bring their IT team up to speed, and to help make their first experiences as a partner the best possible.


What’s your favorite thing about Portfolium as a company?

My favorite thing about Portfolium is the work we are doing; working towards a cause that impacts so many students across the nation. We aren't just a "cool site" with innovative technology; we are a tool that helps individuals, communities, and institutions bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace; ensuring those skills and efforts are translated into positive outcomes for employers as they recruit students to their organizations. I have always worked in Public Health and Education prior to now and nothing plays a larger impact on health than socioeconomic status. So, whether it is access to healthcare, additional education, fair and equal wages or simply a safe work environment, that first job matters more than many could ever imagine.


Tell us your favorite part about working on the University Development team.

Coming from working in academia before Portfolium, I love having the opportunity to work in that industry to dismantle the silos that I experienced first hand. I get to partner with institutions and help them to build bridges across departments to ensure their students are setup for future success.


What do you think it takes to be a great Implementations Director?

It is very important to understand the Portfolium platform forward and backwards; to have an understanding for the entire sales and account management process. At the same time, it is key to have an eye and ear for detail, while being very customer oriented, a thorough communicator, and also a good listener.


What’s the best piece of advice you have received?

Be kind, have manners and treat others with respect--it matters, and people will notice whether it is in your personal life, business or otherwise.


What do you do when you're not crushing it at Portfolium?

I am someone who doesn't like the idea of 'downtime'. I teach indoor cycling and strength training classes, and love anything and everything active. When not at Portfolium or in the gym, I'm usually found at home with my husband and our zoo of 3 cats and a dog; not to mention the 4 outdoor kitties that have adopted our backyard as their own. Yep, I'm a cat lady! :)


Show us your best entry in your Portfolium! Why is it your best?

My Masters Thesis.....the amount of work that went into that, I couldn't pick anything else. But in all seriousness, public health is my passion, and I was very lucky to have the opportunity to work with older adults in assisted living facilities on a walking program for my thesis project. The changes I saw in them during that study not only emotionally, but physically and cognitively, was proof of the value of movement, social support and self-efficacy.


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