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September 30, 2015

How to Stand Out by Getting In Touch with the Hiring Manager

We’ve all experienced this: Submit dozens of job applications through company websites and then sitting around waiting for a response -- and in many cases, we never hear back about any of the positions.


That’s the normal thing to do: fill out the application and wait.


So how do we stand out from the hundreds of applications these companies probably receive every day? How do we make sure they look at our application and increase the chances that we get the job?


We can find the hiring manager or recruiter’s email and contact them directly.

I once gave that advice to a friend once and she asked, “Is that unfair?” I don’t think so. Maybe it’s unfair because most people are playing the waiting game. But just because everyone else is playing the wrong game doesn’t make it unfair for us to have an advantage.


So how do we get in touch with the hiring manager or recruiter?

We have to find the hiring manager’s emailIt isn’t that difficult. We’ll have to put up with some tedious work, but it’s worth the extra effort if it means making ourselves stand out. Better yet, we might not even have to find the hiring manager. We can find someone who currently works at the company and ask them to put us in touch with the hiring manager. 


I did this when I applied to work at HubSpot, stood out from 437 other applicants, and landed my dream job. Let’s discover how you can do the same.


Method One: Find the hiring manager or recruiter.

I’m going to use HubSpot as the example here. A simple google search for “HubSpot recruiter Linkedin” shows us something like this.



Now even if the three people that show up aren’t the right people to get in touch, there’s also a list of the top 25 recruiters at HubSpot. We’re bound to find the right person, or at least find someone who can put us in touch with the right person.


How do we know if we’ve found the right recruiter to speak to?


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In the results above, we see that Emily is a marketing recruiter and Leslie is the recruiting manager. If we’re applying for a marketing job, it would make more sense to reach out to Emily directly.


Chances are, if there’s a recruiter strictly just for marketing, there must be other recruiters for the other departments.


If we click on the third result for the top 25 recruiters list, we’ll find the following:




The top four results show that there’s a separate recruiter for the sales, services and support, marketing, and engineer teams.


What if we can’t find a recruiter?


This is often the case for smaller companies who don’t have dedicated recruiters. Sometimes, it's possible to get directly in touch with the CEO. However, often times, our best bet is to ...


Method Two: Find someone with a similar title at the company.

The point here is to find someone whose role is closely related to the position we’re applying for. This could mean they have a similar title to the position we’re applying for or a title that sounds like they’d be our manager.


Say we’re perusing the job listings on and find out the Zapier is looking for a marketing specialistNow we need to find someone who’s already doing that job at Zapier, or the marketing manager.


A simple Google search for “zapier marketing specialist” shows:




The first result leads to:




At the bottom of the page are directions to send an email to But that’s what everyone’s going to do. So in addition to that, it’s a good idea to also get in touch with Danny Schreiber, who runs marketing at Zapier.


But what if it isn’t that easy? Well, we can find all the people who currently work at Zapier on LinkedIn and get in touch with one of them.



Clicking on “See all” to the right shows us this list:



There are 26 people we can potentially get in touch with. One of them is bound to point us the right person.




We’ve found either a recruiter or an employee to get in touch with, now what?

Once we’ve decided who we’re going to reach out to, we have to find their email address and get in touchSince we know the person’s full name and where they work, finding their email address is easy.


Head over to Voila Norbert, pull in their information, and shaboom. We’ve got their email.



In the case that Norbert can’t work his magic, don’t worry, there’s still hope.

We can strategically guess their email. It’s not as bad as it sounds.

  1. We know where they work. So now we need to find the company email of any person at that company to learn the email structure (Protip: Use Email Breaker can give us the email structure for most companies).

In Zapier's case, they happily share their email addresses.



  1. We see the email structure is or
  2. So now we’ll take Danny Schreiber’s name and test out those two variations to find which one is valid using Sidekick.

zapier danny schreiber sidekick

There it is!


Now we’ve found his email, we can contact Danny directly about the marketing specialist position or ask if there’s a better person to talk to about it.

Have you already completed applications but didn’t get in touch with the hiring manager?


There’s still a chance for you to stand out.


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