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November 20, 2017

HigherEd & EdTech Insights and News, Nov 17, 2017

Back again for some more enticing higher-ed and ed-tech insights? Well, you've come to the right place. Portfolium's weekly blog series aims to keep you informed on the most current developments in the world of education, from both the educator's and student's perspective. In this week's blog, we'll be glancing at the powerful impact of elearning in 2018, the importance of soft skills, an overview of badges, and how big data could be used to land your next job. We've meticulously curated and organized the articles based on interest generated on our various social media platforms so that we can give you only the most important news and trends.

At Portfolium, we strive to provide only the most relevant and educational material so please, don't hesitate to post your comments or critiques. We love hearing from you so that we can keep supplying you with the content that you want. Now then, let's get to the good stuff—highered and edtech news, here we come!

Industry Insights

  • Digital Badges: What Are They And How Are They Used? by Mark Iafrate on eLearning Industry - The term “digital credential” may cause some confusion because it applies to various industries differently. Digital badges are just one subset of digital credentials, and this fact is worth diving deeper into. Give this article a glance to help give you some clarity about this emerging trend.
  • Why Soft Skills are so Important to the Future of Work by Josh Catone on - Interviews are changing. Employers are becoming much more interested in a candidate's "soft skills", as opposed to their cognitive abilities related to the job. Take a look at this article that gets to the heart of the shift from the search for "hard skills" to "soft skills".
  • 7 Benefits And The Powerful Impact Of eLearning In 2018 by Eric Foley on eLearning Industry - eLearning is not a new concept, but not many people recognize the impacts it's making on educational platforms. Since education is aimed at life development, eLearning is a privilege, and these 7 benefits can boost improvement across fields of knowledge and innovations. Read all about it today.

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  • The Future Is Always Uncertain. So How Should Educators Prepare Today’s Learners? by Jenny Abamu and Tony Wan on EdSurge - Knowing what to do in a complex society requires both technical and soft skills. Skills such as empathy, collaboration, and team building should be featured just as prominently as coding and computational thinking. Read about how technology supports the development of these skills, but by no means is it a prerequisite.
  • It's Time for a Deeper Conversation About how Schools Use Technology by Katrina Schwartz on KQED News Mind/Shift - Technology is entering the educational atmosphere at a pace never seen before. This push for tech in the classroom occurs because educators worry that without it, students will be left behind in an increasingly tech-friendly world. But how well is this modern approach working?
  • How I Created This Interactive E-Learning Course by Tom Kuhlmann on The Rapid E-Learning Blog - Blogger Tom Kuhlmann is constantly putting out great material for educators looking to enhance their elearning courses. Once again, he struck gold with this instructional blog post that details everything you need to do to make a dynamite interactive elearning course.
  • How Big Data Can Make or Break Your Job Search by Elizabeth Wellington on TheMuse - Interviewers aren't the only people adapting to the changing employment process. Job seekers, too, are also using new technologies and techniques to land their dream job. Instead of revising their resume and drafting the perfect cover letter, people looking for employment are devising "keyword strategies" to capitalize on companies using Big Data to find their candidates.

Are you blown away by all the incredible developments in education technology and higher education? We know we are, but we won't stop searching for all the noteworthy news because we are committed to providing you with only the highest-quality content. Hopefully, you learned something new today and are eager for our next installment. If so, make sure to hit the subscribe button to not miss a single bit of highered and edtech news.


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