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June 07, 2018

Henderson State Partners with Portfolium for Assessment & Co-Curricular Learning

Henderson State University (HSU) is implementing Portfolium, rounding out a series of technology investments including a migration to the Canvas learning management system (LMS) by Instructure. HSU intends to use Portfolium as a 3-dimensional transcript that combines non-academic experiences with formal assessments of in-class learning.

Portfolium’s ePortfolio technology will help students curate and showcase learning from outside of the classroom to employers as they venture into the career marketplace in search of internships and full time employment. HSU will leverage analytics from Portfolium’s platform to measure impact on student employment rates within 6 months of graduation.


Watch Webinar → 'Leveraging ePortfolios to Drive Learning Success' with  Virginia Tech


Portfolium was selected as an all-in-one solution that included every feature the University was looking for, including assessment functionality which allowed HSU to eliminate other assessment tools. Portfolium’s seamless integration with the Canvas LMS was also a key decision point for the University in selecting a platform that faculty would support.

Located in the heart of southwest Arkansas, Henderson State University is a public institution serving as a vital educational and cultural center for the local community, region, and state. The university encourages scholarly and creative activities in a caring, personal atmosphere that reflects the university’s motto for over a century: “The School with a Heart.” Influenced by its distinctive history, the mission of Henderson State University is to provide a learning environment that prepares students for a lifetime of intellectual and personal growth in a global society. The Henderson experience bridges students’ academic aspirations to career success by integrating professional studies and the liberal arts.

Portfolium is revolutionizing the way students connect learning to career opportunity by providing the only Student Success Network that connects 4M+ students, faculty and alumni with employers. By leveraging Portfolium’s eportfolios, assessment software, and badging technology, educators equip students to navigate intentional learning pathways to employment.


Leverages ePortfolios to Drive Learning Success with Virginia Tech

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