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June 29, 2017

Does Your Evidence Make You a Top Recruit?

Last week, the 2017 NBA Draft was held in New York and the lives of hundreds of young athletes were changed one way or another in the blink of an eye. Here’s the thing: every single player chosen was done so based on evidence. We’re not just talking about the glossy PR spin found in media guides, but rather 30 franchises carefully analyzing the skill set of each potential hire in conjunction with the roles they needed to fill on their team. Extensive time was spent viewing tapes, pouring over analytics, and hosting athlete tryouts to gauge abilities. The same process is repeated in the MLB, NFL, NHL (who also held their draft last week), and pretty much every other professional sport. If you think about it, it sounds similar to the hiring process many of you are facing, so it’s time to get your game plan together.

Prepping Like a Pro

Recruiters and hiring managers are looking to ‘draft’ top talent for their company. Even if you’re light on experience, don’t discount the skills you possess that could be an asset for the company. If you haven’t already created an ePortfolio, you should. It’s an excellent way to show your ‘highlight reel’ to prospective employers and help them make an informed hiring decision. Remember, an ePortfolio is only as good as the person creating and maintaining it. Keep the content fresh and updated so those looking at it can see your progress. Always be prepared to talk intelligently about your education and experiences and how they will add value to a company. And never sell yourself short because sometimes your evidence won't be a match for an employer and that's OK.

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Case in point: five years ago, few saw NBA potential in draftee Draymond Green. Based on the evidence, teams were concerned about his skills and what position he would play. So, many teams passed on him. In the end, he was drafted by the Golden State Warriors as the 35th draft pick in the second round. Since then, he’s morphed into one of the league’s top players, been selected numerous times to the All-Star team, and helped his team win two NBA World Championships. What did Golden State know that all the other teams missed? That the most qualified hires are coachable and understand what success means for the hiring company. Green fit their definition of what they wanted and how their organization operated, and in the end their decision paid off. This is the attitude you must get across when applying for and going through the hiring process.

American Ninja Warrior

Portfolium Founder and CEO Adam Markowitz already has an impressive resume (he used to be an aerospace engineer). But when he decided to try out for the television show, American Ninja Warrior, it wasn’t his ability to run a company or do complex math equations that landed him a spot. Nope. He showed the producers what they wanted to see: evidence that he would make a worthy competitor. Throughout his entire submission tape, Markowitz never says a word, but rather runs through a series of obstacles and exercises that give evidence of his abilities. You may never have to submit a video of you scaling a wall, but in order to gain the attention of recruiters, you will absolutely need to show them evidence of your skills and how they would make you an MVP on their team.


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