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November 30, 2016

Creating Portable, Reportable Learning

The intersection of competency based education and competency based hiring is an increasingly important facet of the total learning experience. Students want to retain and ultimately showcase what they learn in a meaningful way, and educators need tools that allow them to provide the highest quality of teaching available in and outside the classroom. Both Canvas and Portfolium allow these crucial connections to take place – even more powerful is the ability to utilize both tech-based tools in a seamless, fully integrated method.


Canvas by Instructure is a full-scope learning management system (LMS) built specifically to meet the needs of 21st-century education environments. The software is a breeze to use, is highly adaptable, and above all else, reliable. Educators have the ability to utilize Canvas anytime, any place, designed to save both time and effort. Through the native-cloud software, educators have the ability to truly personalize the learning experience, facilitated by the intuitive design and delivery of instruction direct to students. With Canvas, teachers are given the power to create valuable pathways to learning while syncing activities and promoting intelligent dialogue among students and those who teach them.  


Once students graduate, however, some of their coursework naturally stays behind. Instead of adding it in a useful way to a resume or portfolio for future employers to see, student achievements are left in the LMS, even though those experiences may be the perfect match for their future endeavors. By simply adding the Portfolium LTI integration with Canvas, allows graduating students to take those crucial accomplishments, both professional and educational, along for the ride with tagged skills and competencies that help students onramp to the workforce. “The power of this integration lies in its ability to help students bridge the gap between graduation and employment. Students are now able to take examples of their directly applicable skills from Canvas and illuminate them in a very powerful way through Portfolium. We are very excited about what this partnership will bring to students,”states Melissa Loble, VP Platform and Partnerships for Canvas.  Portfolium uniquely gives students the ability to better market their skills and showcase their accomplishments in an easy-to-manage and easy-to-share way, giving them the boost they need to get onto the next chapter of their lives in a career, business, or advancing their education. Portfolium partners with K12, community colleges, universities, vocational programs, including pathway programs throughout the country.


Canvas and Portfolium together make for an unstoppable team. Think about it: students and educators have a smart assessment tool that also works as a social connection medium, a reporting hub for learning outcomes, and the ability to automatically connect students with career opportunities based on their unique skill sets earned in the class derived from valuable curriculum. Both technologies were built on the foundation of students first, so the challenge of getting students excited about uploading their work and sharing with their peers, teachers, and future employers is never an issue through the Portfolium LTI.


“Faculty are now empowered by arming students with workforce ready skills in connection to their curriculum through their Canvas assignments that are portable and employer-facing with Portfolium.  Student’s work is then indexed and matched against employer’s criteria through evidence-based hiring in efforts of bridging the skills gap,” says Troy Markowitz, VP Partnerships at Portfolium.


In our upcoming webinar on December 7, 2016, we’ll show you how to connect Canvas to Portfolium and the benefits you’ll reap from doing so. If you’re ready to take action toward creating a deep connection between learning outcomes and career opportunity, register for our webinar, Integrate Portfolium with Canvas to Make Learning Portable and Reportable, today!

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