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March 21, 2017

College recruiters: Wish you had your very own LinkedIn for students?

As a recruiting tool, LinkedIn can be a powerful asset for hiring managers. Since its launch, it has been coined the social network for professionals, offering a seamless way for job seekers and current employees to connect with companies and individuals with which they want to work. For students and recent graduates, though, LinkedIn’s heavy focus on conventional resume details isn’t doing the trick.

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The Disconnect Between Younger Workers and LinkedIn

The average user on LinkedIn today is 40 years old, which is helpful when hiring managers are looking for highly experienced, diverse candidates to fill open positions. With a few clicks of the mouse, a recruiter can locate a handful of qualified potential hires based on a search of keywords found in their online resumes, neatly housed on the site. The downside is that college students and recent grads don’t have a well-established list of accomplishments through previous work experiences that fit so neatly into the four corners of a traditional resume. LinkedIn profiles for younger workers end up looking fairly light, which means that despite their achievements in the classroom or on the job, they often go overlooked by recruiters.

There’s a Better Way

Portfolium’s digital portfolio gives younger candidates an easy method to showcase their work in a visually engaging way. Whether it is a project completed with the help of other students, or a unique skill set gained and highlighted through a particular work experience, digital portfolios are far more likely to grab the attention of college recruiters. That means they’re far more likely to be used by younger workers in the real world.

As a college recruiter, you can source the potential of more than 4 million college students and recent graduates with similar search functions offered through LinkedIn, but with results that truly match your hiring needs. Portfolium collects years of coursework, projects, and experiences of students who use the platform to deliver top-ranking matches, reducing the time spent on candidates who aren’t a good fit for the position. The recruiting process itself is made simple and quick because you have the opportunity to invite matches directly and make choices regarding candidates’ fit with the company.

Portfolium gives recruiting managers the necessary tools to find and select students and recent grads with the best mix of knowledge, skills, and personality – something LinkedIn and its traditional resume-style site isn’t capable of producing.

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