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January 31, 2018

Brigham Young University - Idaho Selects Portfolium’s ePortfolios For 44,000 Students

Brigham Young University - Idaho (BYU-Idaho) has selected Portfolium to provide ePortfolios to over 44,000 students as part of their First Year Experience (FYE), career readiness, and co-curricular programs. BYU-Idaho seeks to help their students more effectively represent the skills they develop both in curricular and co-curricular educational experiences for the entire student lifecycle. As a result, BYU-Idaho hopes to use the analytics provided to extract useful Student Learning Outcome (SLO) data and guide curriculum development based on applicability to available jobs.


“We are excited to partner with BYU-Idaho, a leader in student-centered education practices, to help their students build an ePortfolio that displays an increased view of their learning experience both in and outside of the classroom,” said Troy Markowitz, VP Academic Partnerships at Portfolium.


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BYU-Idaho’s goal is to have every student with a robust portfolio that represents their learning and skill development across the entire general and co-curricular education. As both a software platform and a network, Portfolium supports the student learning success lifecycle by advancing the shared interests of higher ed, students, and employers.


Portfolium’s learning graph links student learning outcomes from co-curricular and academic learning artifacts to a digital marketplace of internships and jobs requiring those same competencies. BYU-Idaho students and alumni will benefit from free, lifelong access to Portfolium, and BYU-Idaho hopes to expand upon its ability to measure student progress through and beyond graduation using Portfolium’s reporting and analytics capabilities.



Brigham Young University-Idaho, founded in 1888, is a private, four-year university affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. BYU-Idaho seeks to create a wholesome learning environment in which students can strengthen their commitment to their faith and receive a quality education that prepares them for leadership in the home, the community, and the workplace.” For more information, see www.byui.edu



Portfolium is the world’s fastest growing learning and career development network. 2,000+ colleges, universities and high schools use Portfolium to manage and align competency assessment, student success, and career readiness programs. Portfolium’s academic solutions plug students into an open ecosystem of employers, mentors, educators, and peers around the world. Our 3.5M+ users are linked to internships, jobs, and lifelong learning opportunities via ePortfolios that showcase their proven competencies. To learn more about Portfolium's network for learners and solutions for educators, visit: https://portfolium.com


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