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October 06, 2017

3 of the Best Places to Work in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

Whether you’re at the beginning of your academic career or close to graduation, now is the time to start thinking about where your future job will take you. That’s why we’re exploring the best places to work in 10 cities around the U.S., and what majors these companies are looking for. In previous posts, we checked out Denver, Seattle, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco. This week, it’s Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota!

Making Your Move to the “Twin Cities

Minneapolis-St. Paul offers a variety of different activities and cultures, which is why we've included it in our list of best places to work. You may not realize it, but Minneapolis-St. Paul offers its residents the best of both worlds: big-city amenities with a friendly Midwestern feel. And here’s another interesting tidbit about the Twin Cities—even though they are considered one metropolitan area, they are indeed two cities, with their own unique characteristics and communities. If you love the outdoors, you’re in luck. There are several urban lakes which are accessible and surrounded by parks. Of course, it’s Minnesota, so if you love sledding, skiing, snowboarding, etc., there will be plenty to keep you busy in the winter months.

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Top Places to Work in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Good news! The job market in the Twin Cities is strong and the unemployment rate is lower than the national average and the average annual salary is over $50,000. Some of the industries you’ll find in the area are life-science, biotechnology, health technology, and clean technology. Manufacturing (3M) and retail (Target) also play a big role. All of these factors and the following companies make this city one of the best places to work!


Large Company – Burns & McDonnell

This full-service engineering, architecture, construction, environmental, and consulting solutions firm employs 5,700 employees in the upper Midwest and worldwide. It’s also 100-percent employee-owned. Employees enjoy great benefits, which include wellness programs and access to the company’s own credit union. Have a cause you’re passionate about? The company will match any individual donation up to $250 per person, per year.


It’s only natural that a company that offers a range of services would be looking for a variety of majors. Some that will find success with Burns & McDonnell are Electrical Engineering, Journalism, Communications, Business Administration, Architecture, and Natural and Environmental Sciences.


Midsize Company – Clockwork

As their website states, ‘Innovation happens here.’ This interactive design and tech agency is all about digital, and promises to deliver transformative experiences and outcomes. This includes a workplace that is fulfilling to work at and to work with. Among the many perks enjoyed at Clockwork, you can also expect no set hours and unlimited vacation time. You can even bring your kids to work whenever you want. As CEO Nancy Lyons told NBC Nightly News, the environment is a reflection of her belief that employees should bring their “whole selves” to work.


As for majors they’re looking for, the company seems to be more interested in a potential employee’s hard and soft skills rather than a specific degree. Oh, and that you’re nice. That characteristic is mentioned on every job listing they post. 


Small Company – AIM Consulting

At just over 10 years old, AIM Consulting, a technology consulting and solutions-delivery company, is among the fastest growing private companies to work for. Their website says their goal for employees is to help build a career that will excite a passion for technology, compensate you competitively, and seriously enrich your life. As for majors that will thrive with AIM, they are looking for Computer Information Science, Business Management, Computer Science, Communications, and Psychology.

Share in the comments if Minneapolis-St. Paul is a city you would consider moving to.

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