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October 18, 2017

AppLovin Uses ePortfolios to Hire Recent Graduates

When AppLovin views potential candidates, they often view their ePortfolios and resumes quite differently.


The Resume Problem

Many entry-level candidates are assessed by recruiters on the basis of the university they attended and their GPA alone. But resume data of this sort leaves a lot unsaid about a candidate. What skills do they actually have? What projects have they worked on in the past? What are they passionate about? AppLovin knows that a strong portfolio can fill critical gaps in resume data.

Jen Zhang, a technical sourcer at AppLovin said, “The portfolio is really important; the more examples of coding projects and samples you can provide, the better the picture we have. Most of the time there is a list of technologies on a resume, but we need to see the actual technologies they have used and built in the past.”


The Proof is in the Portfolio

Often, candidates list tech skills that they learned in school, but aren’t actually proficient in. AppLovin hiring managers know that there’s a HUGE difference between what is learned in school and what is actually known and practiced. ePortfolios resolves this issue by displaying a candidate’s work, proving knowledge and experience prior to ever having to test the candidates on their actual technical or soft skills!


Pedigree vs. Potential: But what about my University status?

Many college graduates wonder, “Does my school’s prestigious reputation do me any good?” From an AppLovin hiring manager’s perspective, a degree from a prestigious school may be a signal for cognitive ability or work ethic, but managers value the mastery of skills and techniques in and out of the classroom much more. Pedigree and raw potential both matter, but most AppLovin managers value proven skills over a flashy degree.


Portfolio-based Sourcing ROI

ePortfolios, on average, take AppLovin recruiters 5 minutes to review. That’s more than the 45 seconds it takes to scan a resume, but the investment is well worth it: By submitting a qualified Portfolium candidate instead of a less qualified job board candidate with a resume, AppLovin recruiters can save hiring managers hours of interview time, helping them cut to the chase and select only from a short list of talent.


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