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June 15, 2017

6 Examples of Mechanical Engineering ePortfolios

Students studying mechanical engineering get to experiment with fascinating material and try to utilize the laws of physics to push the bounds of human capability. Take a look some of the ePortfolios below and check out some of their entrees, as we have pulled from a mixture of the best of our Mechanical Engineering ePortfolios at Portfolium. The students are creating projects from a foldable electric bike to an upper body exercise machine, even a possible hovercraft, and there are loads more cool entries to check out on these students ePortfolios! 


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Erin Hong

Erin Hong is focused on her goal of working in the engineering world and is putting all of her effort and past experiences to use to achieve that. In addition to her academic achievements, Erin has experience working for companies such as Emcore and GQR Global Markets.


Kalina Burns

Motivated to help improve the world through engineering and activist movements, Kalina Burns is passionate about discovering new ways to change the world. As a member of Engineers Without Borders, Kalina is hard at work towards achieving her dreams.


Alexander Delzell

Alexander Delzell is an eager and driven mechanical engineer who is searching for his place in this ever-changing world. Participating in mechanical engineering orientated extracurricular activities in his free time, Alexander is actively pursuing all his possibilities as an engineer.


Matthew DeVogelaere

Taking design and constructing a machine to fulfill a specified task of that design is one characteristic of a mechanical engineer with a focus on solid mechanics and structures. Matthew DeVogelaere developed a program on 3D printing devices with one of his professors at university to teach a class on 3D printing whilst also learning about the subject himself.


Brendan Michaelson

After co-founding his own company, PearCircuit, Brendan Michaelson went to school to learn more about mechanical engineering and the mechanics of it. Understanding both the programming, design, and mechanics of engineering has shaped Brendan into a capable engineer eager to jump back into the workforce.


Andrew Bleich

From developing sensors, driving actuators, to designing software, Andrew Bleich has explored his avenues as a mechatronic student as Stanford Universty pursuing both his bachelors and masters in mechanical engineering.


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Photo Courtesy of: UC Davis College of Engineering

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