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July 14, 2017

6 Examples of Liberal Arts ePortfolios

For students with a liberal arts degree, it can be difficult to find a job after graduation. This could be a result of a number of factors: Unlike career-specific majors like nursing or engineering, the challenge in identifying what profession or industry to pursue, identifying the work-relevant skills and competencies that they’ve learned might be hard to see, making it even more difficult to showcase those talents potential employers.

Discover ePortfolios from students like you.

For students like these, Portfolium is a game-changer. It enables any student to upload their assignments and simultaneously reflect on skills, and then share their work and capabilities with potential employers and fellow academics. The following students have created and uploaded incredible entries that illustrate exactly why they are the next top hire for lucky companies around the country.

Check out these awesome entries and learn how to create your own ePortfolio to share your accomplishments!

Autumn Houghton

Voicing your opinion can be a challenge for anyone, but sometimes that is the only way to ensure you get a say on something. Autumn Houghton is a strong believer in speaking up and standing out from the crowd, who isn't afraid to put herself out there. 

Sophia Pina-McMahon

Interested in other cultures and their politics? Sophia Pina-McMahon plans to make a career out of it once she graduates from college! 

Elizabeth Heim

Elizabeth Heim has a truly impressive ePortfolio with over 20 entries on a variety of subjects, where she proudly demonstrates her capabilities!

Anthony Lee

Communicating effectively is an important soft-skill that is often overlooked by students, but is in high demand with employers everywhere. Anthony Lee is ready to showcase his skills as a communications major and an aspiring market leader!

Heidi Mackintosh

Experience offers skills that students cannot learn in a classroom, but the knowledge gained from studying at school is invaluable in today's society. Heidi Mackintosh has both and already is setting the gold standard for her next career steps!

Natasha Nguyen

Simply stating a skill that you have doesn't convince anyone you have said skill. Natasha Nguyen has put herself hard at work demonstrating her abilities throughout all of her ePortfolio entries.

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