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June 12, 2017

6 Best Educator ePortfolio Examples

Who was your favorite teacher? Did he or she make the class more interesting? A good teacher can make all the difference to a student's success later on in life. Below we have curated some of our best educator profiles, which illustrate possible paths an educator can take in their career. From students pursuing their undergraduate degree in education to teachers in early childhood education, we have them all!


Take a look at the profiles below to see just how awesome these future educators are!

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Valeria Leon

Valeria Leon is fluent in Spanish and English with a passion for education and sharing knowledge with others. Learn about her courses and what it takes to become an official bilingual teacher at A&M University.


Breena Smith

Keeping students engaged in their school work can often be the most challenging part of being a teacher at any level. Breena Smith is preparing to put a twist on learning and make it fun everyone at the same time so they look forward to going to school each day.


Hannah Boyles

Educators that teach what they love pass on their enthusiasm for learning and can change how a student views that subject. Hannah Boyles is combining her two passions for music and education in the classroom to share what music means to her specifically to her students.


Kristina Garrett

To become an English teacher means to understand all the intricacies of the language and still want to share that knowledge with others. Kristina Garrett is already showcasing her knowledge of both the English language and the complexities that come with teaching.


Ashlee Burt

Pursuing her Masters in Education, Ashlee Burt is preparing herself to become more reliable in her role as a teacher and taking the necessary steps to qualify herself to work with a wider breadth of students and their unique situations.


Karen Bolhafner

As a seasoned teacher Karen Bolhafner is pursuing a degree in Education Administration to better contribute to the success of her students and fellow educators. Learning how to structure her courses for success is improving her abilities as an educator and a learner.


Comment below if you have that one special teacher that made learning so much more fun at school!  Discover even more Education ePortfolios.


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