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February 07, 2017

3 Reasons Job Boards Don’t Work for Hiring College Students

Posting open positions to job boards has long been a staple in the recruiting and hiring universe. It’s easy to copy and paste a bland job description and a handful of experience requirements onto a job board that promises to disperse your hiring need to the eager masses, but the system is far from effective. According to a CareerXroads survey, a mere 15% of positions are filled with the help of a job board online. Here are the three major issues with job boards – and an alternative to getting you your next high-quality hire.

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Everyone “Looks” the Same

The simplified application process inherent to nearly all job boards makes it difficult to eye truly qualified candidates, especially with entry level positions. Resumes, cover letters, and a list of professional and educational experience are all prospective hires need to successfully apply for your job position, leaving little room for creativity and depth in the process. College students typically have an array of past work that speaks to their ability to get the job done, but traditional job boards don’t offer a space to showcase that experience. When every submission looks identical, recruiters and hiring managers face an uphill battle in finding the candidate who may truly have the skill set to fit the bill.

A Hodge Podge of Candidates

Often, job board postings lead to far too many candidates applying for a position, some of which are nowhere near close to matching the skills requirement of the position. That’s because job boards attract a mixed bag of individuals looking for new employment, whether they have the qualifications you seek or not. If the first few applications are a miss, you’re likely to look at the rest with the same disappointed eye, potentially bypassing the “right” candidate in the process. You end up with wasted time and effort, not to mention a stack of resumes that are useless for meeting your recruiting needs.

Sacrificing Talent for Bodies

College students looking for the right position are doing so through networking and connecting with the companies they think might offer an opportunity that meets their needs. Job boards don’t showcase how your company may align with a student’s ambitions, nor how their specific skill sets can be used to have a lasting impact. Instead, job boards result in bodies, not talent, meaning you’ll spend more time and money on replacing the wrong fit hires down the road.

Hiring for entry-level positions takes more than clicking through a cold, boring job board. It requires seeking out the college students and recent grads who have the proven skill sets necessary to contribute to the company in a real way. Go beyond the mundane task of sifting through traditional resumes and focus your efforts on finding potential hires who have evidence they can add to the company as more than just another body.

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