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October 10, 2017

3 of the Best Places to Work in Orlando, Florida

We’ve hit the halfway mark with our blog series exploring the best places to work in 10 major cities around the U.S. So far, we’ve looked at Denver, Seattle, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and Minneapolis-St. Paul. If you currently reside someplace where there’s a definite (and spine-tingling) chill in the air, perhaps you’ve begun thinking of warmer climates and what it would be like to live and work where the air doesn’t hurt your face. If that’s the case then you’re in luck! This week we’re taking a closer look at sunny Orlando, Florida, one of the best places to work!

Making Your Move to the “City Beautiful”

Think of Orlando as the tale of three cities. There’s downtown Orlando where you’ll find the government for Orange County, along with nightclubs, restaurants, and concert venues. Then there’s residential Orlando with neighborhoods (historic or suburban) to fit your distinct personality. And finally, the Orlando that welcomes around 60 million travelers a year to one of its seven theme parks. And thanks to the nearly 100 million annual visitors and the lodging taxes they pay to stay in Florida, you might save money by relocating. That’s because residents don’t pay state income tax. Oh, yes. And there’s all that sunshine, too, making it one of the best places to work.

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Top Places to Work in Orlando

It should come as no surprise that tourism and hospitality dominate the local economy. However, because of the high number of low-paying service jobs, the average annual salary of $41,460 is below the national average. But don’t worry because there are other major employers in the area that don’t have the Disney label. Companies such as JetBlue, the Golf Channel, and Electronic Arts, which creates top-selling video games, including the Madden NFL series. The technology sector is also well-represented thanks to the University of Central Florida's Institute for Simulation & Training, which developed the nation's first master's and doctorate programs in simulation and human performance enhancement. Here are a few other best places to work:


Large Company – Marriott Vacations Worldwide

This vacation time-share company runs more than 60 resorts all over the world comprised of over 400,000 Owners and Members.

Working for this company means you get opportunities for discounted rates at resorts, properties, and hotels. If you’re majoring in Hospitality, the company does offer a College Intern Program that, in addition to giving you hands-on opportunities and an office with a view, also comes with a paycheck. Some of the other majors that could find success here are Health Care or Nursing, and Cybersecurity/IT.


Midsize Company – PowerDMS

PowerDMS is a SaaS company that serves more than 370,000 users and over 2,500 different organizations, across numerous industries. Their platform is a single, secure, online location for the organization, management, and distribution of an organization’s most important documents. Because CEO and owner Josh Brown believes a person’s career should be fun and fulfilling, passion and creativity play a big part in the company’s culture.

Some of the bonuses to working this company are an unlimited aid time-off plan, career development and mentoring, and flexible work schedules. If are majoring in Accounting, Finance, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering, PowerDMS may be the right fit for you.


Small Company – Uproar PR

Self-described as trendspotters, social media addicts (#FollowUs), and media gurus, this international, full-service public relations and social media firm operates on the belief that fostering creativity leads to results. Uproar’s clients represent a variety of industries including, B2B, Health Care, Nonprofit, EdTech, and Lifestyle. If working here sounds interesting, you’ll love the ‘extras’ that come with the job such as, summer Fridays, Quarterly Rewards, and Annual Retreat. As for majors, the company is largely looking for employees with PR agency experience.

Share in the comments if Orlando is a city you would consider moving to.

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