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November 17, 2017

3 of the Best Places to Work in Boston, Massachusetts

Sometimes stepping outside of your comfort zone can lead you to amazing opportunities. That’s why we’re exploring the best places to work in 10 major cities around the U.S. So far, we’ve looked at Denver, Seattle, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Orlando, and Salt Lake City. Today, we’re looking at a city steeped in American history—Boston, Massachusetts!

Making Your Move to “Beantown”

While Boston has significant ties to the past, it is definitely a city that lives in the present with access to diverse arts, sports, and educational opportunities. As local expert Lauren Liebhaber puts it, “It is a region of sports enthusiasts, art eclectics and ambitious entrepreneurs coexisting with a sense of camaraderie.” It is also a tenacious city that thrives on innovation and growth. And getting around is pretty easy thanks to the subway, buses, ferries, and commuter rail lines. Another bonus is Boston's manageable size. At just under 90 square miles, most locations in the metro area are within walking distance of each other.

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Top Places to Work in Boston

After some lean years, the current job market looks the best it has in nearly a decade. In fact, millennials looking to call Boston home are in luck thanks to the metro area's unemployment rate falling below the national average. And the average annual salary is noticeably higher—$62,070—than in other major metro areas.


Given the city’s connection to many important U.S. historical happenings and easy access to amazing seafood, tourism and hospitality are huge contributors to the local economy. Boston is also an educational epicenter with over 30 colleges, universities, and community colleges that provide additional employment opportunities. Below are a few more places worth a look.


Large Company – Brightcove, Inc.

If you’re passionate about video, then check out Brightcove. For nearly 15 years this software company has been a giant in the world of online video, offering a suite of products and services that reduce the complexity and increase the profitability of publishing, distributing, measuring, and monetizing multi-screen video. With customers in over 70 countries, Brightcove powers some of the world’s largest media companies and brands including Viacom, CBS, and Time Inc. As an employee, you’ll be treated to catered lunches, Bagel Fridays, monthly birthday cakes, and fully-stocked kitchens. You’ll also have access to tuition reimbursement programs, mentoring partnerships, and regular meetups like their Women in Technology initiative. If you have a background in Human Resources, Marketing, and Software Development, you may be a good fit with this company.


Midsize Company – LevelUp

According to their website, LevelUp aims to build the next-generation mobile payment network by connecting consumers and merchants with a seamless payments experience that blends payments, analytics, and rewards. Some perks of employment are free catered lunches daily from the businesses in the LevelUp ecosystem and a never-ending amount of coffee (black, Americano, latte - you name it!). They’re looking for potential employees with strong backgrounds in Analytics, Food Service/Hospitality, and Software Engineering. And if you’re fluent in Spanish? Bonus!


Small Company – Ovia Health

The goal of Ovia Health is to help empower women and families to manage their health in an entirely new way. Powered by their Ovia Apps, they can create personalized, data-driven fertility, pregnancy, and parenting solutions. According to their website, they also partner with leading employers to provide personalized maternity benefits solution that prevents health care costs and creates a family-friendly workplace. Some of the perks working here are a flexible work schedule, unlimited vacation, and of course, a terrific parental leave policy. Some of the majors that would do well with this company are Business, Marketing (digital), Engineering, Computer Science, and Human Resources.

Share in the comments if Boston is a city you would consider moving to.

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