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September 07, 2017

3 of the Best Places to Work in Washington, D.C.

While sticking close to home after graduation certainly has its advantages, don’t be afraid to take a chance on an opportunity a little further away. To help you out, we’re bringing you some of the best cities to consider moving to. So far, we’ve checked out Denver and Seattle. Today we’re taking a closer look at why Washington, D.C. is one of the best places to work. We’ll show you some of the top companies in the area to work for and what kind of majors they’re looking for.

Making Your Move to the Nation’s Capital

With 5,949,403 people living in just under 70 square miles, Washington, D.C. is a city in constant motion. It’s home to many great restaurants and entertainment venues, and of course, museums and other cultural sites. And getting to work is made easier by its extensive public transit system. The area offers residents the convenience of being in a major city, while being able to enjoy the smaller community atmosphere each neighborhood provides. While the median annual salary is near $66,000, a considerable downside to D.C. is its cost of living. Renters can expect to pay around $1,500 per month, depending on the metro area you call home.

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Top Places to Work in Washington, D.C.

Not everyone who heads to Washington, D.C. has their eyes on a career in politics. The presence of government and private contractors offers opportunities for those looking for work in the information technology sector. The area also draws strong interest from those looking for careers in education and health services, along with leisure and hospitality industries. And companies like Geico and Capital One have their headquarters here, making it one of the best places to work in the business and finance industries.


Large Company – Noblis

This nonprofit institution provides advanced technical and advisory services to federal agencies and some private organizations, while taking in about $320 million per year in revenue. To help employees across the company stay informed, Noblis holds quarterly "Noblis United" days to update staff members and let people connect with peers. The majors this company is looking for covers a lot of ground including Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Cyber Security, Engineering, Science, Business Management, Systems Management, Mathematics, Physics, Economics, and Business Administration.


Midsize Company – St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School

This Episcopal-affiliated school serves over 1,000 students with a mission it describes as "pursuing goodness as well as knowledge." School-sponsored summer grants pay for teachers to go on independent research trips to faraway locales such as Antarctica, Israel, and the Congo. Other employment perks include complimentary weekly dinners for themselves and their families, discounts on gym memberships, chair massage days, and complimentary art and technology classes. At the top of the list for most desired majors are Education and Education Administration.


Small Company – Industry Drive

This trade publication marketed to business executives delivers news and analysis for multiple industries such as biopharma, construction, and education. To help foster a sense of community, new hires are given a $50 gift certificate for a local coffee shop and told to take out colleagues to learn about the company. And regular brown-bag sessions are held to give employees a constant opportunity to gain new skills such as photography workshops. Some of the majors they’re looking to hire are Marketing, Economics, Statistics, Journalism, and English. They also have an internship program that offers experience in design, editorial, marketing, and tech.

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