Portfolium's Impact at Virginia Wesleyan University


Why Virginia Wesleyan University Migrated From Watermark (LiveText) to Portfolium
Virginia Wesleyan Assessment Case Study

In this case study, Director of Instructional Technology at Virginia Wesleyan University, Robin Takacs explains how Portfolium supports student learning outcome assessment, how the platform will be used to facilitate faculty processes, the implementation process, and exactly how Portfolium has improved the student experience.

"Following a recent state review of our Education program, faculty to move away from Watermark (LiveText) and to track all artifacts for assessment and certification in Portfolium."

In this case study, readers will learn:

  • How Portfolium's technology has been used to replace outdated forms of learning assessment
  • Outcomes impacted by Portfolium's LMS integration
  • Portfolium's unprecedented facilitation in technical support and implementation
  • Specific institution initiatives supported by Portfolium's adoption and expansion

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