Portfolium's Impact at Simpson College


How Simpson College Eliminates 60 Hours of Assessment Preparation With Portfolium
Simpson College Case Study

In this case study, Simpson College Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Tracy Dinesen, explains how Portfolium has been used to streamline assessment practices and eliminate over 60 overs of preparation, while simultaneously benefiting students through innovative ePortfolio technology.

"Portfolium has helped eliminate roughly 60 hours of assessment preparation work in addition to having streamlined the reporting processes for gen ed learning outcomes and program learning outcomes, allowing for meaningful program assessment."

In this case study, readers will learn:

  • How Portfolium eliminates 60 hours of Assessment Preparation.
  • How quick and effortless it was to implement campus-wide
  • How Simpson College students and faculty have enthusiastically embraced ePortfolios
  • How Portfolium's ePortfolio network supports on-going alumni relationships with the institution and student body

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